Our order management team interacts directly with all GPC offshore vendors to determine where, how, and when, improvements can be made to the entire supply chain, from the time a PO is released to its arrival at GPC’s door.

Our offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai manage and process all offshore purchases generated by each GPC division. A team of onsite supply chain specialists are responsible for production followup, monitoring vendor performance, maintaining costs, and shipment status reporting.

Purchase orders are generated at each GPC subsidiary. PO's are then forwarded to the GPC Global Sourcing Supply Chain team for review. After confirming all details, the GPC Global Sourcing Supply Chain team forwards all PO's to each manufacturer.

In most cases, suppliers will sign into TradeStone / Bamboo Rose to retrieve PO's. Information about TradeStone / Bamboo Rose can found in the Onboarding section.

Our PO Management services include:

  • A review of all PO's to ensure accuracy before forwarding to suppliers
  • Our team will contact suppliers two weeks after each PO is issued to ensure production timelines and required ship dates are on track
  • Monitor inspection scheduling
  • Monitor ex-factory dates and shipment bookings with our carriers
  • Manage shipment consolidation opportunities and/or predetermined consolidation programs

GPC Global Sourcing expects all suppliers to maintain a high level of service to each GPC subsidiary. We are focused on improving supplier lead time performance, PO line fill, on time delivery, and quality assurance.

The GPC Global Souring Supply Chain team will maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) on every supplier and every PO. KPI's will be reviewed regularly. Any supplier not meeting GPC performance expectations will be contacted for corrective action.

Lead Time Management

Lead time KPI's are maintained on a monthly basis. Suppliers not meeting expectations will be notified and immediate corrective action must be taken buy the supplier to maintain vendor status with GPC.

Fill Rate Management

PO fill rates are measured and recorded, then forwarded to each GPC subsidiary for review. Suppliers are expected to meet GPC's fill rate expectations on a regular basis. Any supplier not meeting fill rate requirements are contacted by the GPC Global Sourcing Supply Chain team to initiate immediate corrective action.

PO Collaboration

PO Collaboration is also measured to ensure all suppliers are processing PO's and contacting GPC Global Sourcing about any discrepancies on a timely basis.

Vendor Scorecard

Each supplier will be assigned a Vendor Scorecard which records all aspects of vendor performance, including those listed above plus other areas such as inspection pass/fail rates and supplier response.

TradeStone - Bambo Rose

GPC utilizes TradeStone/Bamboo Rose as its Global Trade Management platform.

TradeStone modules utilized by GPC include:

  • RFQ and Offer
    Electronic method to manage RFQ’s/Offers, product specs, FOB cost, etc.
  • Order Management
    Interfaced with subsidiary purchasing and inventory systems (IO) Build and manage consolidated PO’s Order collaboration with vendors, PO event tracking
  • Quality Assurance & Product Management
    Inspection and audit scheduling and tracking Product speciation management Corrective action planning and tracking
  • Logistics
    Electronic transfer and retention of shipping documents, shipment event tracking, manage tariff codes
  • Finance
    Automated landed cost calculations, vendor and freight invoices

TradeStone brings accuracy, efficiency, and visibility to entire supply chain

Tradestone/Bamboo Rose