Our sourcing professionals work directly with the import teams at each GPC subsidiary to seek out, prequalify, and recommend potential suppliers, regardless of where products are produced around the globe.

Sourcing Team

GPC Global Sourcing employs a team of professionals located within key manufacturing regions to seek out potential global suppliers and establish direct factory relationships on behalf of all Genuine Parts Company subsidiaries. Each sourcing manager is assigned a specific GPC business unit and possesses in depth industry knowledge for their respective product categories.

Sourcing support provided to GPC subsidiaries includes:

  • Researching various manufacturing regions to identify quality manufacturing facilities
  • Conducting on-site visits to pre-qualify potential manufacturing partners
  • Develop direct relations with factory principals and owners
  • Provide local assistance and support to GPC subsidiary sourcing teams located in North America and Australasia.
  • Negotiate costs and terms on behalf of all GPC subsidiaries

Every sourcing manager is employed by GPC and authorized to act as a representative of the Genuine Parts Company and its subsidiaries

If you are a manufacturer of quality automotive replacement parts, industrial parts, office products, office furniture, safety products, cleaning products, or electronic manufacturing supplies, and interested in offering your products to GPC, please go to the Contact US section to arrange a discussion with our sourcing staff.